Frisbee League — Girls Power

  • Chabok High School entrance

On the 6th December, we had visited the girl down at Kampong Speu after we got approval from the government. This time our plan was to go there to just throw frisbee disc around and introduce them to what is frisbee and who are we. The first school we visited was Chabok high school both grade 10 and 11 and we only 5 mins since they are having an exam. When I look back to this school, I still think this is crazy that my whole group did this. What we did was, presents to the whole classroom about our project alone with boys sitting there which wasn’t our target. But anyway we are trying to promote girls into playing Frisbee and as my observation girls didn’t have any courage to raise their hand up to join and play this Frisbee. Also, it might because they didn’t get to play with Frisbee-like other schools that we visited. Sadly the class I presented to, there was no one wanted to play Frisbee. Like another presenter, they didn’t get it to and some got about 10 to 15 students. But at some times we got around 70 girls for the whole school which is good for the training and eliminating for the league. Soukhaphaly high school, the girls there were really interacting with us and they showed a lot of excitement.

We even tell every school that next week we will come back and do a pitch to them. Also, try to get their name by then so that we can prepare on how many people are going to show up for the training. Over this Christmas break, Some Kampong Speu students and I will be going to every school on Sunday to get them familiar with Frisbee. Then in January, they will start the real training.

Girl interest in playing frisbee         Total: 265 girls

  • Chabok High School 
    • Grade 10 & 11 #70 students
  • Kampong Speu High School
    • Grade 10 & 11 #38 students
  • Sokhaphally High School
    • Grade 10 #29 student
    • Grade 11 #36 student
  • Chantnal High School
    • Grade 10 # 32 student
    • Grade 11 # 60 student

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