Chemistry round 2

We been learning and using the periodic table for awhile now. There are many topics in chemistry we been covered. This round we focus more on drawing lewis dot structure that related to elements, atoms, compounds. Than we learn about the octet rules and formal charge. Element that are on or under the 3rd row in periodic Table can hold up to 10 electrons breaking the octet rules.

Lewis dot structure → shows bonding between atoms


Li ⇒  is Lithium and it have 1 electrons

Octet rules atom wants to have eight valence electrons in its outermost electron shell to become like a noble gas so, it combine with other atom and share electrons.


H2O ⇒ is an chemical formula stand for water

H: 1 electrons & O: 6 electrons = 8 electrons

*This sign    stand for 2 electrons*

Formal charge ⇒ the charge that are assigned to an atom, assuming that electrons in bonds are shared equally between atoms.

Equatione: (# valence electrons) – (# valence electrons in bonded atom) = 0


H = 1 e        1 – 1 = 0 *True*

O = 6 e        6 – 6 = 0 *True*

*Because it share electrons that why we count only 1 of the electrons that they are holding to.*

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