Society play

We went to Takeo and Kampot to do a play performance that we did last time to Liger students. In Liger Traveling Theater exploration, we had written 4 stories that were based on a relationship with family, peers, partner, and society. The relationship with society story is about a girl who kind of fat and got this new job but a worker there discriminate her. Then there are this two separate – one who’s eat less and try to be beautiful and the other one eat a lot- that wants to control her life. In the end, she chose her selves because she wants freedom and do whatever she wants and also doesn’t have to care what others said about her. The show started with magic trick, Performance, original songs, Drug prevention film and then end with the magic trick again. Since our audience shows a lot of interest in the magic trick that’s why we start the show and end the show with a magic trick.

Then part of our junior exploration is Set Design, they help us to find schools, background music, staging, and props. The first school that we perform to was the student in grade 4 and 5 in Takeo which was really young and it’s not the best fit for our audience. It’s was so loud and messy that the student didn’t understand.

After that, we went to another school which was way better because it’s high school and they’re much better than the first one. This time we even have a speaker attach with the microphone and about 150 students come to was the performance.

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