Kagna Sim

Sur Sdey “Hello” I am Kagna. I was born on September 30, 2003, in Kompong Speu province, Cambodia. Currently, I live and learn in the Liger Leadership Academy. I’m a fifteen years old girl that loves listening to a mix of Khmer and English songs and love to ride the bike. In school, I enjoy learning algebra because it’s easy to understand and there are many ways to solve the question for the answers. Throughout these years of learning and experiencing new things, I haven’t found my passions yet. However, I had written an animal guild book with a team of 14 students and joined the bike business as a marketing manager.

I’ve been inspired by animals and forest ecosystem after taking a trip to Koh Kong forests. It was my first time to go out in the forest to explore. I was really excited to be a part of this process of writing a book. Even Though we didn’t have a lot of chance to see all of those animals that we write but we get to research and talk to experts. Moreover, we also had a professional painter from New York (Art in the Box) that came to our school and guide us through the painting process of our book. We create this book because we wanted all of the Cambodian students to learn and know more about the animal in our country before it’s extinct. 

I was employed to be one of the Marketing managers in the Journeys of change bike tour experience. I don’t have a lot of experiences in marketing but this business taught me a lot from these past few months. Moreover, I need to promote this experience bike tour to get more clients and also try to get a partnership with another company to reach out the words of this business. Even though this is just a startup I believe in my ability that this soon will become a better business. The fund will help our further education while also sharing about the past and present about Cambodia to tourism, the foreigner that is living in Cambodia and Cambodian.

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