Animal and pet ownership responsibility workshop

Today, on the 13th December our teacher brought a host from Animal Rescue Cambodia and FOUR PAWS for a workshop that is about animal and pet ownership responsibility. These two organizations are trying to help abundant pet or wild animals but especially cats and dogs from being a stray. There are 5 basics need for pets: Suitable diet, Suitable environment, Protection from pain, injury & disease, the ability to express normal behaviors and protection from fear & distress. What are all of these 5 basics needs mean? Let start with suitable diet, pets should have a healthy food and fresh clean water. For a suitable environment, pets should have a proper shelter.  Protection from pain, injury & disease, the owner should bring the pets to the vet to give the injection and protect them from spreading any disease. Ability to express normal behaviors, once in a while the owner should walk the pet out and let them get a little bit of exercise. Lastly protection from fear & distress, the owners should give attention, love, and care as much as possible. After learning about these 5 basic needs for pets, we moved on to answering some question such as where are these street animal come from, What problem do they face, what problem does these street animal bring to the community, what action or solution can we take. Then we discuss dog and cat meat trade which these animal going through pain before being killed and eaten. The human who’s eat dog or cat have a high risk of getting the disease from the animal. Even Though there is a high population of dogs and cats but we shouldn’t eat them because they also have a life to live. If you saw an abundant animal that is sick please take action like bring some food and clean water, and possibly call any animal organization for help.

Frisbee League – Trip to Kamong Spue

One of my long-term explorations is called Frisbee League in Cambodia. In this exploration, we are creating the first Cambodian Women Frisbee League to empower women in sport for rural kampong speu girls and then if this project work we would open up to all girls in Cambodia. As one of kampong speu girls, I am so excited and proud to be in this group and I can’t imagine when I’m teaching them to play frisbee. Moreover, We have a lot of things that needed to be done before our Pchum Ben break, so after the break, we will go and appraise the government about our project. This project really needs the government helps because in order this to be done we need their permission to work with those high school girls. Since I know a lot about Kampong Speu, I did some research and ask my relatives, do they know any high school around Chan Thnal high school. Chan Thnal high school is one the main school that we wanted to collaborate with. Then I lead a team to Kampong speu and visits the five school that are on my list. I need to track down the distance and time it took to arrive at each school. We even go and talk to the principles of our project and they really excited to work with us but they need the permission from the government. Nevertheless, our exploration already prepares all of those so that when the students come back from their big break we are able to talk to them and before that, we convince the government to help with our project.

Transportation management

  • Leave at 7:10 am from Liger
  • Cha Bok high school   1 hour, 43 minutes    60.7 km
  • Kampong Speu high school    6 mins    3.1 km
  • Soukhaphaly high school    10 mins    3.8 km
  • Chay Chob High School    4 mins    700 m
  • Chanthnal High school    25 mins    15.1 km


  • Cha Bok High School
    • Wise principal Chorn Chan Loun
    • Every grade in the school have 4 classes
    • 2 men for sport coach   
    • Sport filed
    • It’s very big, 2 team can play at the same time and there are too many plants (កន្ត្រើយ) and tall grass.
  • Kampong Speu High School
    • The field is big and there are a lot of grass
    • His feeling
      • Need the government to agree
      • Student and their family should agree
      • They don’t want to force any girl to play if they don’t want
  • Soukhaphaly High School
    • The sports field is not too big nor too small, it’s in between
    • The principle wasn’t in the school so we asked people around there for his phone number
  • Chay Chob High School
    • The field has no grass and it’s a bit muddy
    • Sports hours in a week they have 2 hours
    • 2 men sport coach
  • Chan Thnal High School
    • 2 men sport coach
    • Sports hours in a week for 1 hour each class
    • Grade 9 and grade 12 doesn’t have any sports hours due to exam
    • A big football field with no grass in the middle and it’s so dry

Math round 1 of 2018-2019

For this round we were working on SAT prep. So basically, we continued focus on SAT but this time in class we wrote down what we haven’t learn and within this year our teacher will teach us a few of those topic. This round we learn about imaginary number, complex number, functions and quadratic. For function and quadratic we learn and practice in Khan Academy algebra 1.

Imaginary number ⇒ i

i = √-1

i^2= -1  

i^3= -i

i^4= 1

Complex number ⇒ a +bi

a = real number

bi = real number times by imaginary number

Example: 5+2i

* imaginary function


Example: 5/3i  ⇒ 5/3i  * 3i/3i ⇒ = – 15i/9

*multiplying by the conjugationa doesn’t have to be the same

a/(b + i )⇒ (a/(b + i)) × ((b – i) ÷ (b – i)) ⇒ (a – bi) ÷ (a – bi²)  (± a – bi) ÷ (b)


4 ÷ (9 + i) ⇒ (4 ÷ (9 + i)) × ((9 – i) ÷ (9 – i))  ⇒ ((36 – 7i) ÷ (81 – i²)) ⇒ ((36 – 7i) / 82)

Helping others by building communities

I have two identical hands! “As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others” said Audrey Hepburn. I know right, millions and millions of people are trying to make this world a better place day by day. In reality, they are getting themselves at a higher stage and not knowing that people develop by helping others. You might think you would never get rewards after helping others. Actually, what you’ll get back is happiness, you feel happy after knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life. This 2017 – 2018 school years might be the best school year so far since I’ve learned the lesson of life. Viktor Frankl once said, “I find the meaning of my life in helping others to see the meaning of theirs.”

Now let’s take a look at Cambodian, Roughly around 70% of Cambodians get access to education and there are still 30% left of Cambodian who are now living in poverty. Even though they get access to the education that was provided by the government schools, still, there weren’t much of handful activities to understand more about the topic. I was once a government school student before then I got an opportunity to attend this incredible school —Liger Leadership Academy— which changes my life.

Cambodian Children’s Charity (CamKids) is a school down in Kampong Speu province and it’s about 15 km from my home. During last Summer holiday, most of the students who live near Phnom Penh and were interested in STEM Camp, they get a chance to joined the Camp at the schools including three mentors from Princeton University. We learn about Solar energy and then we started to build about 2 solar panels in just 1 week. Afterward, we go down to Camkids and installed the solar panel, it looks brighter in the classroom since there was no lamps nor electricity.

Survey Exploration, they did a survey of the three communities around Camkids. In Order for the group to provide pieces of information for the founder of Camkids about their financial support. Each survey took approximately 30 minutes long, and it was a small team there, so they decided to seek for help. Then I volunteered to help them interview the villagers there since I know those villages for the whole Sunday. After helping this exploration I felt like their lifestyle was kind of different and they didn’t earn much money for their family, so that’s why Camkids was created there for kids to learn and get a good education and there even a nurse there where they can also check their health.

When I heard about Khmer Sight Foundation going down to Camkids at Kampong Speu I wanted to join and help them translate and also learn from the doctors. We arrive at Camkids we register all of the elders who came and check their eyes. During that, I also learn how to measure their eyes sight by testing each side of the eyes one by one using the eyesight testing chart and if they can’t get it correctly first we will use our hand than move forward until they can see. Then I would ask the guest what problem do they have with their eyes than tell the doctor and after that, I’ll translate to the elders what the doctor had said.

By helping this community, I gained skills & experience to speak more fluency in Khmer, get to know about their lifestyle and also feeling happy after knowing I have helps them in some sort of ways.

As the exploration go on and I was one of the members in the HIV exploration, we learn about HIV/AIDs and our mission was to create workshops for the world renew to use and teaches others student throughout Cambodia. We even help others by raising awareness & acknowledging, understanding People Living with HIV are just like me. Then my group started to create a presentation and we want it to simple but also full of information to normalize the conversation and also the stigmatization among them. We went to a school called New Hope for Cambodian Children, it is an orphanage school with kids who have HIV. Moreover, I have overcome my fear of not wanted to talk or even eat the same meal with people living with HIV. We got to know each other, after that trip I realize that they were all just like me, playing having any part of their life was that they need to take medicine. You can’t define if a person is having HIV or not. So let’s all go against those stigmas among them.

Empathy is an ability that everyone should have, in order to understand the different perception of life. People aren’t really different and I’m as a change agent will continue to grow and help others. In the future, I will continue to help more communities to empower their needs and find solutions. These actions are only the start of my missions.

Khmer Class overview

For this whole year, in Khmer class, we are researching on a topic to write a book in Khmer. There would be a team of three to four students who will work on it and also decided on a topic themselves. I was on a team four and our topic was on Refugees. Since our country has a lot of refugees during and after the Khmer Rouge regime. We want to write the story of their life for the world to know and also to understand more what had really happened during those horrible time for Cambodians.

Our team did an interview on skype with Chhay Lem Lim, Chhay Lin Lim and Sophy Pal (one of our team relative). We also research about Loung Ung and Arn Chorn Pond because they are Cambodian – American and also there were books written about their stories. We have five people to write about in our book and Chhay lem Lim and Chhay lin lim are brothers so we gave each one of our teammate a person to write for. I am writing for Arn Chorn Pond since I meet him once at Kampot Reader Writer festival.

After we gather all the information, we started to translate it into Khmer. The following step for us right now is to write it into the stories and making it interesting for others to read. Which is the hardest part for us to start writing the book, We also need to write an introduction for the book which will talk about the overview of refugees in Cambodia.

So far I have written about 1/3 a story of Arn Chorn Pond, I didn’t talk about the stories of him at America and how it changes his life yet and so what did he helps Cambodians and when we come back. Maybe the start of next year we will need our friends help to edit than our team is all finish. I so excited to print the book and share it to all Cambodians.


ILO exploration

I was in the ILO exploration for round five, which is the last exploration of the year. The ILO stands for International Labour Organization. They are a United Nations agency created as an organization to help all three parties the government, employers, and employees with the goals to improve labor conditions and promote decent work for all women and men. Our school was asked to help pilot a project by implementing soft skills training with colleges students in Cambodia and also if it possible for the garment to put it on their website for students to assess it. We are not teachers for this project since the module was made to be a self-taught program; we were only there to facilitate and guild them.

Our exploration started to revise the module and then let the ILO checked, after that, we then implement it to Universities and high schools. The ILO was impressed with the amount of work that was done by us. Moreover, we even translate the whole module into Khmer for the high school students. We had worked with Cambodian International Academy (CIA), Toutes L’école Happy Chandara, Kampong Thom High school, Royal University of Law and Economics, Little heart and Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia to implement our training there.

In class time we would work on putting all the survey in, putting the name in the certificate, making a video to advertise about Soft skills, Preparing for the next training, budget and last but not least make a report for the ILO. Even Though, sometimes we would give up on one of the Saturday just to do this training with those schools.

Most of the result were positive since we used the right module and it really helps them to think more about their visions. They really enjoy making their visions board because it more like an activity base and the rest of the module was like discussing and answering.

Khmer MUN

On the 23rd of May, all of the senior students were given an opportunity for the whole day to joined Khmer MUN (Model United Nations). We are the first school in Cambodia that did this and possibly next year we will invite others school to join us. I was scared at first because I didn’t have a lot of time to research and prepare myself for the topic as well as my first time joining it. I was the delegate of Russia and the debating topic is called “Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction.” It was a big topic for the starter to research but we did our best to make our teacher proud. 

When I first read my opening speech it was scary than I started to take a deep breath and prove to everyone that I can do it with confidence and loud voice in myself. I mostly focused on my opening Speech not finding a resolution, which had affected me in my debate. Lucky my teammate they have a lot of resolution so our team decided to use one resolution and then make some edit to it. After all, I have learned that you and your team doesn’t need to agree on the same resolution at all and talk more, be confident in yourself no matter what. Even Though It was my first time I took a risk to delete one of the other team resolutions since they didn’t have enough information to prove that it should stay there.

Moreover, I would like to says “Thank you to all of the Khmer facilitators for giving me this opportunity to practice my Khmer and also inspired me to join an event like this more.” After joining this event, it inspired me to will join MUN in ISPP for next year and I can’t wait to join it. Most of the students were told that English was easier than Khmer because we don’t have to spend time translating information. Inconclusive, if I had never joined this Khmer MUN I would never make my mind and join MUN.  



Video Link:                       

The story of “A Jealous Sister”

This story was inspired by my bigger sister during the Khmer new year break. On the first day of Khmer new years, my sister got a chance to go to Songkran at Spue. I really want to go to but my family didn’t allow me due to a fact that I am too young and also I needed to help them look after the shop. Therefore, I decided to write a story about a jealous sister for my literacy class assignment.

Should Kate be jealous and seek revenge on her bigger sister? Kate was adopted by Sophia family in this small town called Foster. Kate and Sophia have a lot in common like they are kind and caring for each other. Sophia always gets what she wants; on the other side, Kate would get what’s called trash or a better word for that is leftover. Every weekend Sophia and her parents would go into the forest and explore around. As usual, they would leave Kate home alone and she feels left out. One day Sophia and Kate took an adventure around the forests and found a witch house. It was kind of dark so they left the forest and come back home. Kate once again took an opportunity to the forest and talk to the witch to become one of an evil witch too. This way Kate can get rid of Sophia in anytime by using her evil powers and gets a lot of love from her adopted parents.


The story of a Superman!

In physic class we have a project called superheros. In there we have to write a story and also create a poster of any superheros about the superheros, powers and compare it to real physics life. On Monday in class we will do a gallery walk of all of the superheros we been researching on.

          Let’s take a look at the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a helicopter, it’s a plane, it’s a SUPERMAN! He can fly, he’s indestructible, he’s is strong and he saves our life! Moreover Superman is a superhero and his superpowers are Invulnerability, Vision, Hearing, strengths, leaping or flying and super Breath. But, how is Clark Kent able to accomplish all of these amazing things that required superpower skills? On the other hand, human can’t have these special abilities like superman so what is the science behind his special abilities and him?

The story started, He was born in this planet called Krypton that orbits around a red star. Krypton was much heavier than the earth which make it clear that the bigger the mass is the higher its gravitational force is. If we look closely, this means that superman on earth is able to fly or jump high because of the small gravitational pull from the earth to him. Krypton planet was destroyed result due to the internal pressures that Krypton’s get. Kal EI (birth name) was send by his father called Jor-El in a small rockets to the earth.

As Kal El grow older, He was raised by his adoptive parents in earth. He was known for Clark Kent who has been shown as superman second personality. Superman was strong and could jump from a building to another and doesn’t required pushing from the ground. He use this power called telekinetic power the ability to move a objects at a distance by mental power. Newton’s Second Law stated “there must be some upward force to balance the downward force of the weight.” So this means that he must use some type of upward force that is higher than his weight in order for him to fly. The yellow sun (our sun) that allow him to fly. He gets energy from electromagnetic radiation which contain in the light of our sun. He also could survive in space, due to his lungs clearly aren’t needed for respiration. Superman metabolize energy from the earth sun light (like human metabolize energy from food) that will allow him to use when he need to fly or jump off from one building to another. Moreover he can stored more than the amount that needed to use for his ability can and also convert this energy into very high kinetic energy. Which in the future will allow him to defeat the gravitational force of our of the earth.

Advertise for Journeys of Change

As you may know I was employed to be one of the Marketing manager for Journeys of Change. On Sunday the 25th of March, I and three other Liger students went out to phnom penh to advertise for Journeys of Change. This was our first time going out without an adult for learning experience. Therefore we decided to cover only these three location first: Riverside, Aeon Mall and Boeung Keng Kang. Just for our safety, time and also it’s close to our starting point. Than we choose coffee shop, restaurant, Hotel and other places that are in these location.

One of our mistake was we didn’t email to the places that we wanted to go and talk about our project first. Obviously, we just go in to their place and than we started to talk about our project. By saying “Hello, my name is Kagna and I am from the Liger leadership Academy. In our school we had this start up called Journeys of Change and we would like to ask your permission if we can put our brochure and business card here to reach out for more clients.” Again Some Places that we went they said they need to talk to their manager first, so then we just leave our business card and brochure their for them. In addition some places their manager was there and they are very kind they provide us some information how to advertise, the technic  and also allowing us to put our brochure at their place. We also learn that we need to have the stander to put the brochure in and need to clip the brochure to the business card.

At first I was scared to talk to people there and didn’t know what to say. But than I look at my friend how they convince them to allow us to put the brochure there and I try its work. Again I started to take the risk and go to talk to people and if I miss something my friend can correct me. Anyway now I learn that sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to try new thing that you have never done before to gain more experience. However I think this is a successful trip for me because people are welcome and kind not like what I expected. 

For More Information:

Phone Number: 098 978 568

Facebook: Journeys of Change



Check our website and Facebook for dates and tour details!

Search “Journeys of Change” in google maps and you will get direction. The tour begins at the Riverside Park across from 245 Preah Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh.