Khmer Class overview

For this whole year, in Khmer class, we are researching on a topic to write a book in Khmer. There would be a team of three to four students who will work on it and also decided on a topic themselves. I was on a team four and our topic was on Refugees. Since our country has a lot of refugees during and after the Khmer Rouge regime. We want to write the story of their life for the world to know and also to understand more what had really happened during those horrible time for Cambodians.

Our team did an interview on skype with Chhay Lem Lim, Chhay Lin Lim and Sophy Pal (one of our team relative). We also research about Loung Ung and Arn Chorn Pond because they are Cambodian – American and also there were books written about their stories. We have five people to write about in our book and Chhay lem Lim and Chhay lin lim are brothers so we gave each one of our teammate a person to write for. I am writing for Arn Chorn Pond since I meet him once at Kampot Reader Writer festival.

After we gather all the information, we started to translate it into Khmer. The following step for us right now is to write it into the stories and making it interesting for others to read. Which is the hardest part for us to start writing the book, We also need to write an introduction for the book which will talk about the overview of refugees in Cambodia.

So far I have written about 1/3 a story of Arn Chorn Pond, I didn’t talk about the stories of him at America and how it changes his life yet and so what did he helps Cambodians and when we come back. Maybe the start of next year we will need our friends help to edit than our team is all finish. I so excited to print the book and share it to all Cambodians.


Khmer MUN

On the 23rd of May, all of the senior students were given an opportunity for the whole day to joined Khmer MUN (Model United Nations). We are the first school in Cambodia that did this and possibly next year we will invite others school to join us. I was scared at first because I didn’t have a lot of time to research and prepare myself for the topic as well as my first time joining it. I was the delegate of Russia and the debating topic is called “Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction.” It was a big topic for the starter to research but we did our best to make our teacher proud. 

When I first read my opening speech it was scary than I started to take a deep breath and prove to everyone that I can do it with confidence and loud voice in myself. I mostly focused on my opening Speech not finding a resolution, which had affected me in my debate. Lucky my teammate they have a lot of resolution so our team decided to use one resolution and then make some edit to it. After all, I have learned that you and your team doesn’t need to agree on the same resolution at all and talk more, be confident in yourself no matter what. Even Though It was my first time I took a risk to delete one of the other team resolutions since they didn’t have enough information to prove that it should stay there.

Moreover, I would like to says “Thank you to all of the Khmer facilitators for giving me this opportunity to practice my Khmer and also inspired me to join an event like this more.” After joining this event, it inspired me to will join MUN in ISPP for next year and I can’t wait to join it. Most of the students were told that English was easier than Khmer because we don’t have to spend time translating information. Inconclusive, if I had never joined this Khmer MUN I would never make my mind and join MUN.  



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Khmer Poem

This is a poem that I wrote in my Khmer literature about my grandma. Even though, she had pass away I wish I would spent more with her and make good memories together. I miss the conversation that I had with her and would lead to my bright further. Her lonely shadow is here and I called her name. So sad that she couldn’t hear my words. I want angels or god to help me, so that she could hear my world form where I am to where she is. 


កំណាព្យមួយបទសូត្រជូនដល់យាយ                ទាំងមិត្តប្រុសស្រីដែលមានយាយផង

វាលស្រែវាលស្រូវចៅចាំកន្លង                              ចៅប្រាថ្នាផ្សងធ្វើចៅយាយទៀត។

ធ្វើម្ដេចលោកយាយចាកចោលរូបចៅ               មច្ចរាជចិត្តខ្មៅ មានចិត្តចង្អៀត

ជីវិតមានមួយរស់បានមួយជាតិ                         វិញ្ញាណយាយឃ្លៀតទេវតាអើពើ។

ចៅតែងនឹកគិតគ្រប់ពេលវាលា                          បញ្ចុកស្លាបព្រាគ្រប់រាល់អំពើ

នឹកដល់ម្ហូបម្ហារដែលយាយបានធ្វើ                   រាល់ទាំងទង្វើល្អរបស់យាយ។

ពេលនេះយាយបានចាកចេញទៅ                     ចៅសែនហ្មងសៅរវើរវាយ

យាយតែងណែនាំប្រើពាក្យពាយនាយ                ប្រសាសន៍និយាយអប់រំបំភ្លឺ។

នៅសល់ស្រមោលកណ្តោចកន្តែង                       ចៅស្រែកក្តែងៗទាំងយាយមិនលឺ

ទេវតាទាំងឡាយជួយផ្ដល់ពន្លឺ                             ជីដូនបានលឺពាក្យពេចន៍នាងផង។