Animal and pet ownership responsibility workshop

Today, on the 13th December our teacher brought a host from Animal Rescue Cambodia and FOUR PAWS for a workshop that is about animal and pet ownership responsibility. These two organizations are trying to help abundant pet or wild animals but especially cats and dogs from being a stray. There are 5 basics need for pets: Suitable diet, Suitable environment, Protection from pain, injury & disease, the ability to express normal behaviors and protection from fear & distress. What are all of these 5 basics needs mean? Let start with suitable diet, pets should have a healthy food and fresh clean water. For a suitable environment, pets should have a proper shelter.  Protection from pain, injury & disease, the owner should bring the pets to the vet to give the injection and protect them from spreading any disease. Ability to express normal behaviors, once in a while the owner should walk the pet out and let them get a little bit of exercise. Lastly protection from fear & distress, the owners should give attention, love, and care as much as possible. After learning about these 5 basic needs for pets, we moved on to answering some question such as where are these street animal come from, What problem do they face, what problem does these street animal bring to the community, what action or solution can we take. Then we discuss dog and cat meat trade which these animal going through pain before being killed and eaten. The human who’s eat dog or cat have a high risk of getting the disease from the animal. Even Though there is a high population of dogs and cats but we shouldn’t eat them because they also have a life to live. If you saw an abundant animal that is sick please take action like bring some food and clean water, and possibly call any animal organization for help.

SAT Bootcamp

At the Beginning of this school year, the 6th of August, we had an SAT Bootcamp. Most SAT Bootcamp would last about two months nevertheless we had tights schedule so we did it for two weeks. There are two mentors Kim, a recent Princeton grad in Computer Science and Amada, an ESL teacher from an all-girls school in New Jersey.

So during the day, we would have 2 hours of each class math, literacy and study hall time. In math class, we learn how to pick and use an equation efficiently. On the other hand, in literacy class, we work on reading and Writing and look through what type of questions are there. As usual every day we would get 10 to 5 pairs of mostly confused words and as homework, we need to write sentences that related to us individually.

Moreover, during the Bootcamp, we would get a lot of practice. Furthermore, we in the Bootcamp we took a test on khanacademy SAT at the beginning middle and end to see how much we grow and does all of the strategies that the mentor teach us helpful. The mentor doesn’t expect that use everything we learn for the khanacademy SAT test because there are too many rules to follow just step by step first. At the beginning of the test, I get the score of 930 then 940 and lastly 980. I feel like I didn’t improve much in these past two weeks but still, I have learned a lot from them. By joining this SAT Bootcamp it really helps me to become a better learner and uses resources all around me.

STEM Maker Faire

On Saturday, March 3, I went to STEM Maker Faire at Olympic stadium. There were a lot of showcase connect stem, books, food, water and other local business in Cambodia. I walk around and looks at other people product and do their activities so I can get gift from them. There a lot of ways that they used to promote their product, If we take a photo with their product we will get a little gift. I that learn how business promote just from last weekend. There is some booth that we can play against each other to win a prize by answering random questions. I got some snack and water because it was a hot sunny day. After the STEM Maker Faire it was tired ring and I got my leg sore.

Independent Discovery

My independent discovery is about liger (animal).
I can find alot of good weebsite like :
What I got from the internet.

1.I learn that they can not reproduce
2.They can run 80 km for one hour
3.Liger have short life span
4.Female tiger born a liger it need to C-section because the baby too big.
5.Two day it can grow 1 kg
6.Liger offspring of a male lion and female tiger.
7.Liger are Carnivore