SAT Bootcamp

At the Beginning of this school year, the 6th of August, we had an SAT Bootcamp. Most SAT Bootcamp would last about two months nevertheless we had tights schedule so we did it for two weeks. There are two mentors Kim, a recent Princeton grad in Computer Science and Amada, an ESL teacher from an all-girls school in New Jersey.

So during the day, we would have 2 hours of each class math, literacy and study hall time. In math class, we learn how to pick and use an equation efficiently. On the other hand, in literacy class, we work on reading and Writing and look through what type of questions are there. As usual every day we would get 10 to 5 pairs of mostly confused words and as homework, we need to write sentences that related to us individually.

Moreover, during the Bootcamp, we would get a lot of practice. Furthermore, we in the Bootcamp we took a test on khanacademy SAT at the beginning middle and end to see how much we grow and does all of the strategies that the mentor teach us helpful. The mentor doesn’t expect that use everything we learn for the khanacademy SAT test because there are too many rules to follow just step by step first. At the beginning of the test, I get the score of 930 then 940 and lastly 980. I feel like I didn’t improve much in these past two weeks but still, I have learned a lot from them. By joining this SAT Bootcamp it really helps me to become a better learner and uses resources all around me.

Khmer MUN

On the 23rd of May, all of the senior students were given an opportunity for the whole day to joined Khmer MUN (Model United Nations). We are the first school in Cambodia that did this and possibly next year we will invite others school to join us. I was scared at first because I didn’t have a lot of time to research and prepare myself for the topic as well as my first time joining it. I was the delegate of Russia and the debating topic is called “Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction.” It was a big topic for the starter to research but we did our best to make our teacher proud. 

When I first read my opening speech it was scary than I started to take a deep breath and prove to everyone that I can do it with confidence and loud voice in myself. I mostly focused on my opening Speech not finding a resolution, which had affected me in my debate. Lucky my teammate they have a lot of resolution so our team decided to use one resolution and then make some edit to it. After all, I have learned that you and your team doesn’t need to agree on the same resolution at all and talk more, be confident in yourself no matter what. Even Though It was my first time I took a risk to delete one of the other team resolutions since they didn’t have enough information to prove that it should stay there.

Moreover, I would like to says “Thank you to all of the Khmer facilitators for giving me this opportunity to practice my Khmer and also inspired me to join an event like this more.” After joining this event, it inspired me to will join MUN in ISPP for next year and I can’t wait to join it. Most of the students were told that English was easier than Khmer because we don’t have to spend time translating information. Inconclusive, if I had never joined this Khmer MUN I would never make my mind and join MUN.  



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Advertise for Journeys of Change

As you may know I was employed to be one of the Marketing manager for Journeys of Change. On Sunday the 25th of March, I and three other Liger students went out to phnom penh to advertise for Journeys of Change. This was our first time going out without an adult for learning experience. Therefore we decided to cover only these three location first: Riverside, Aeon Mall and Boeung Keng Kang. Just for our safety, time and also it’s close to our starting point. Than we choose coffee shop, restaurant, Hotel and other places that are in these location.

One of our mistake was we didn’t email to the places that we wanted to go and talk about our project first. Obviously, we just go in to their place and than we started to talk about our project. By saying “Hello, my name is Kagna and I am from the Liger leadership Academy. In our school we had this start up called Journeys of Change and we would like to ask your permission if we can put our brochure and business card here to reach out for more clients.” Again Some Places that we went they said they need to talk to their manager first, so then we just leave our business card and brochure their for them. In addition some places their manager was there and they are very kind they provide us some information how to advertise, the technic  and also allowing us to put our brochure at their place. We also learn that we need to have the stander to put the brochure in and need to clip the brochure to the business card.

At first I was scared to talk to people there and didn’t know what to say. But than I look at my friend how they convince them to allow us to put the brochure there and I try its work. Again I started to take the risk and go to talk to people and if I miss something my friend can correct me. Anyway now I learn that sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to try new thing that you have never done before to gain more experience. However I think this is a successful trip for me because people are welcome and kind not like what I expected. 

For More Information:

Phone Number: 098 978 568

Facebook: Journeys of Change



Check our website and Facebook for dates and tour details!

Search “Journeys of Change” in google maps and you will get direction. The tour begins at the Riverside Park across from 245 Preah Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh.


Interviewing Villager Around Camkids School

On Sunday, March 4, I volunteer to help an exploration to do interviews with villagers down in Kampong Speu. I volunteer to help them because my hometown is close to there and I can help to create change around my village when I have the chance. The exploration is about surveying and statistic. We did interviews with people there because we are working with Camkids. Camkids is a school at Kampong Speu that willing to help villagers around there place and wants to know what they can do more in the future for them. Before that day they go through the questions with us and make sure that we all understand the surveys and can do it on our own. The surveys were 30 minutes or more and the questions was mostly about financial in the family, Education and some information about Camkids. I did 7 interviews and everyone there was so nice and friendly to me which had made me more confidence to ask the question about them. It’s not that easy to just walk in strangers house then ask them about there personalize. It is my first time to walk in a stranger house and started to talk to them. It was hard and that first interview was my longest one ever.  

Training Liger Students to be a tour guilds

Last Sunday, nine Liger students did a training tour for the Journeys of Change, Cambodian Insights tour. I trained them to be professional and confident. During the school week they have classes but Journeys of Change want them to practice the tour route and the script. This allows them to practice the script and learn by doing instead of just sitting in a classroom. The Journeys of Change development team had the advantage of training with Soksabike. My team are now sharing that knowledge with our 23 Liger trainees. After the training tour, The liger students told us, “they were more motivated to become a tour guide.”

Be our next guest on a Journeys of Change bike tour, which starts on the Riverside at Phnom Penh and wanders through rural Cambodia.  The upcoming tour is Saturday, January 27, starting at 7:30am. Check our website for more details or register now.

Christmas break reading book “NEVER FALL DOWN”

Over the Christmas break, I had read a book called “NEVER FALL DOWN” by Patricia McCormick. I diced to read this book because it’s a big thing that had effect Cambodian and also I can gain more knowledge about Khmer Rouge. This book It’s about the life of Arn Chorn-Pond, How he survives Khmer Rouge and how he gets to go to America. Here is where he started in April 1975, everywhere in Battambang was full of music and happiness. Every day he lives with his aunt, brother, and sister. At that time school was limited only rich kids can go to school and poor kids they go to learn and stay at the pagoda. Arn not only stays and learn at the pagoda, he even gamble with the elders so that he can earn money to buy something for his family. Then one day the Khmer Rouge soldiers had arrived in his hometown and everyone have to leave everything they own and go to work in a field. Arn’s life has changed forever. During the Khmer Rouge regime, everyone got separated and they have to do what Anrka said if they don’t they will die. Many many Cambodians had died or killed because of starving, dengue fever, stealing food or even the Khmer Rouge think that you not good to keep.

He a change agent to me, he been through Khmer Rouge as a kid and then he had to leave his country to the United state because he got adapted by a kind man at Thailand Camp. At the United state had to learn English, go to church and speak about what happened to Cambodia to these American. His life has never been easy after Khmer Rouge. He even got bullied during school and about what he did. Now Arn lives in Cambodia and he helps to spread awareness of the Khmer traditional instrument and he also created an organization called “The Khmer Magic Music Bus”. There is more about what happened to Arn during and after the Khmer Rouge. I suggest you read this book it’s very inspiring even he went through bad things in life he still has the courage to helps others that he know or meet.

Sneak preview Bike Tour (November 26, 2017)

On November 26 2017, I was a lead guild on the Sneak preview bike tour. I wrote an email to everyone that have connections to Liger that might want to join our bike tour. There was 3 clients that says yes and one of them show up. Even Though,  there is only 1 clients I still learn and gain experience from it and how I could make this tour better. I didn’t have confident in myself at first but after doing starting the tour, I had gain my confidence throughout the route. Down here is an email that I send out to the guess    ——-> 


Subject: NEW Liger Half-Day Bike Tour – Sneak preview Sunday, November 26

Dear Friend of Liger

We are a team of students from the Liger Leadership Academy (LLA) who started a bike tour experience called Journeys of Change. We would like to invite you to join our sneak preview bike tour on November 26, 2017. The sneak preview tour donation will be $20 which covers ferry fees, bike rental, snacks and drinks. This is a 50% discount. If you bring your own bike the donation price will be $15. This tour will start at 7:30 am and end at 2:00 pm. We will meet you at the Riverside Park across from 245 Preah Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh. Look for the bikes and guides in the blue shirts.

You will bike 22km, crossing the Mekong River on two local ferries, tasting local snacks, exploring local Cambodian culture, and eating lunch at the school campus before being transported back to Phnom Penh. We the Liger guides will share our knowledge of the past, present and future changes of Cambodia. Please let us know before Thursday if you want to join our sneak preview by filling out one registration form per rider.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Journeys of Change


I Am Music

Do you love listening to music? Do you feel like you are incomplete without music? This “I Am” poem is written from the perspective of music and it was inspired by Kosal Khiev and Arn Chorn-Pond during the Kampot Readers and Writers Festival. Music was their light in the darkest days.

I am music

I wonder how with one click a mood can change in an instant

I hear a magical potion of sound and song

I see  the sadness in people’s eyes and the happiness in their hearts

I want to skip down the street with you, holding hands

I am music


I pretend to be important, nourishing bodies and minds

I feel I am a change agent, forcing my listener to question the world

I touch the power of  the soul

I worry that one day you will get bored of me

I cry for the emptiness inside of me

I am music


I understand  I am medicine for your soul

I say I can be anything for you darling

I dream of being a hero

I try to engrave my lyrics in your mind

I hope I will be remembered in every second of life

I am music


Teachnovation 2017


I joined Technovation girls for 12 weeks to learn how to code and write a business plan. In this 12 week, we need to invent an app that connected to one of this 6 topic: Health, Education, Peace, Environment, Gender equality, and Poverty. The mentors had expected us after we joined this event we should know how to code in Inventor, know how to write a business plan, know how to present in public and motivate more girls to love technology.

My team and I had created an app call Magic Writer, that focus on education.Writer is an application that help Cambodian students on developing and improving their writing skills. We want Cambodian students to practice inventing new ideas and practice writing the second language. By using this the students can express their feeling and write it out.

After these 12 week learning and making, we had an event where we present to a judge. If we win we will present again but with a bigger audience and also where you will win the best app in Cambodia. As we know that girls don’t really get a chance to learn this type of thing so that’s why I take a risk to join this event. By doing so, I learn new thing from this event and change people’s perspective that girl can do anything that boy can do. As the new generation, this event had a lot of impact on me that makes me want to learn more about coding and join this event again.