The World Needs Us

This is a poem that I made in just 2 hours for my literacy assignment and not only creating a poem but we also have to perform to our class mate creatively. 

Tittle: The World Needs Us

Listen! The world needs us

To be a role model

To be  change agents

To be activists

To be Scientists

To be doctors

To be…..To be the best person we could be

But it happens until we accept that difference in us


You say I dream too big

I say you think too small.

we need to take a pond of our self that It’s a challenge

Believing, it’s true

Take a stand

Let go that negativity

But it happens until we accept that difference in us

Empower each other, let’s not define who we are based on a single story

We accept that differences in us because we are all in one

We all are dream chaser

We are all making our world a better place

because we are all human trying to live our life

But it happens until we accept that difference in us

Liger Literacy Leadership Team

This year in my English literacy it’s unique than other classes and it’s called the Liger Literacy Leadership Team. We are becoming a leader and independence learner. So for this round, we are focusing on Literature is Everywhere, which we can use children book to learn about literary devices, different culture, and new vocab. Our teacher was inspired by the book called The Rent Collector so she decided to have the Liger Literacy Leadership Team and let us read the book. Moreover, we did a group discussion, create poems and interview the author of the rent collector. This is one of my poem inspired by Sang Ly determination to find Sopeap which is her teacher. 

Title: Dedication to my beloved teacher

I’ve been solving puzzles, running into people  and here I am…beside her.

She once told me that this house is her favorite place.

I don’t want to say goodbye to this person….

The person who has been helping everyone and disguising her own identity.

Just like a turtle hiding under its shell.

Instead of talking, we both tilted  our heads,

looking at the shadow of the rain in silence and took a deep breath of fresh air.

At that moment I can feel the tension and pain between us.

But we can’t have any rainbow without any rain.

The rain is both a fading memory and a distant promise.

Goodbye goodbye my beloved teacher.

SAT Bootcamp

At the Beginning of this school year, the 6th of August, we had an SAT Bootcamp. Most SAT Bootcamp would last about two months nevertheless we had tights schedule so we did it for two weeks. There are two mentors Kim, a recent Princeton grad in Computer Science and Amada, an ESL teacher from an all-girls school in New Jersey.

So during the day, we would have 2 hours of each class math, literacy and study hall time. In math class, we learn how to pick and use an equation efficiently. On the other hand, in literacy class, we work on reading and Writing and look through what type of questions are there. As usual every day we would get 10 to 5 pairs of mostly confused words and as homework, we need to write sentences that related to us individually.

Moreover, during the Bootcamp, we would get a lot of practice. Furthermore, we in the Bootcamp we took a test on khanacademy SAT at the beginning middle and end to see how much we grow and does all of the strategies that the mentor teach us helpful. The mentor doesn’t expect that use everything we learn for the khanacademy SAT test because there are too many rules to follow just step by step first. At the beginning of the test, I get the score of 930 then 940 and lastly 980. I feel like I didn’t improve much in these past two weeks but still, I have learned a lot from them. By joining this SAT Bootcamp it really helps me to become a better learner and uses resources all around me.

The story of “A Jealous Sister”

This story was inspired by my bigger sister during the Khmer new year break. On the first day of Khmer new years, my sister got a chance to go to Songkran at Spue. I really want to go to but my family didn’t allow me due to a fact that I am too young and also I needed to help them look after the shop. Therefore, I decided to write a story about a jealous sister for my literacy class assignment.

Should Kate be jealous and seek revenge on her bigger sister? Kate was adopted by Sophia family in this small town called Foster. Kate and Sophia have a lot in common like they are kind and caring for each other. Sophia always gets what she wants; on the other side, Kate would get what’s called trash or a better word for that is leftover. Every weekend Sophia and her parents would go into the forest and explore around. As usual, they would leave Kate home alone and she feels left out. One day Sophia and Kate took an adventure around the forests and found a witch house. It was kind of dark so they left the forest and come back home. Kate once again took an opportunity to the forest and talk to the witch to become one of an evil witch too. This way Kate can get rid of Sophia in anytime by using her evil powers and gets a lot of love from her adopted parents.


Greek mythology – Artemis

In my literacy class, we learned about Greek mythology and how it connect to our modern day. Every student was assigned to a god and needed to research more about that god like the myth that he/she has. We was scored by these five categories:

  1. Reading and Answering:  “Ancient Greece: The Birthplace of Western Individualism”
  2. Character Profile: You should create some sort of tangible visual about your Greek character.
  3. Research Report: You will create a 7-paragraph informational report on assigned character.
  4. Suitcase Symbolism: If your character was going on a journey, what would they take? Your “suitcase” should include at least 5 items that represent something of significance.
  5. Deity Discussion: We will have a “godly” discussion to finalize this project.

Below there is my research report:  

Artemis Diana is the Greek goddess of the hunt, virginity, childbirth, the moon, and natural environment. Her special powers contain perfect shoots, the ability to turn herself and others into animals, healing, and have control of nature. Artemis usually spends most of her time in the forest hunting and practicing her archery.  

She is Apollo twin sister and they were the children of Zeus and Leto. She is the goddess of virginity so she rejected marriage and love but she was once in love with Orion and she doesn’t have any children.

For nine days and nine nights Leto was suffering from the pains, until on the tenth day, Leto went close to a small lake called “Delos”, leaned against a palm tree, take out her belt and gave birth to Artemis. Than Artemis act as a midwife to help her mother and bring her brother Apollo to life. She was calm as the new goddess of the childbirth.  At the age of three years old she asked her father Zeus for six wishes. The six wishes include to never get married, to be popular than Apollo, to have a bow and arrows that are made by the Cyclopes and a knee-length hunting tunic, to bring light to the world, to have sixty nymphs for friends, and to have all the mountains as her territory.

Artemis usually is shown as a girl wearing knee-length hunting hunic and carries bow and arrow with her at all time. There would be a creature animals next to her like deer or bear as a protector.  

Artemis has a celebration called the 6th. The 6th is when every day on the 6th in each month people will gather around this city called Callimachus and give the gift or offering to Artemis. People in Callimachus called Artemis the watcher of the street because she is the sponsor of the city.

Orion was one of Artemis’ best friend. These two friends loved to hunt together. One day Apollo was jealous of Orion that he was closed with his twin. So Apollo trick Artemis by testing her ability to shoot far distance with a blurry object. Artemis did a perfect shot and shots Orion on the head with her arrow. That’s how Apollo trick her to kill her love once and best friends.   

   Her strength is physically strong, able to defend herself and is the guardian of women in childbirth and of wildlife in general. On the other hand, her weakness is disliking men. She also has an area to own which she can the way she wanted to. She has a lot of powers and one of advantage is that she does have to care about that drama in love life. Artemis can live her life of hunting and protect forest life.

A Wrinkle in time

My literacy teacher gives everyone to read the book called “A Wrinkle in time.” She said If we can finish it and answer questions that she provide in a week we can go to watch the movie at the theater for free. My Physics teacher tough a little bit about the 1 dimension 2 dimension 3 dimension 4 dimension and 5 dimension that was mentioned in the book. I did read the book and answer the question and than I got a free ticket to watch the movie. Based on what I understand, this is like a motivation that makes me want to the read book and also to analyze the book after finish reading it. Not only just to finished the book but to use what we understand from the book and provide it in a context. By doing this it helps me to practice my reading and also my writing skills.

Here are the response to the questions

  • Who is your favorite character and why?

My favorite character is Charles Wallace because he never talk if there are a lot of people around and also to ordinary people. That show a lot of little boy character that sometimes He just need to be himself. Charles is a young brilliant boy who knows and understand more his sisters.

  • Choose one of the settings of the book and describe it vividly.

The novels stated “The Medium lost the delighted smile she had worn till then. “Oh, why must you make me look at unpleasant things when there are so many delightful ones to see?” ” This is one of setting from the books that shows how people from other planet describes earth’s and to show how you can look into a magical ball and see our own galaxy. This also shows how bad the earth’s will face in the future that’s why Mrs. Who Mrs. Which and Mrs.whatsit really want the kids to see and understands.

  • Would you define this novel as fantasy or science fiction? Explain.

I would define this novel as a science fiction because in the novel they talk about 1 dimension, 2 dimension, 3 dimension, 4 dimension, and 5 dimension. They explain about these 5 dimension in physics how does it works and how does it applied there.

  • This is a tale of a hero’s journey that we learned from the Epic of Gilgamesh. Explain some of the challenges the characters face along their dangerous adventure.

The characters had face a lot of problem through out there adventure to rescue Meg farther. They have to go wrinkle the time, they need to understand what going on and where are there right now. Further more when they are at the Camazotz planet they have to stay together and Carles got hypnotize by the guy with the red eye there.


Behind the mask: Effects of Makeup Usage on Young Teenager

In literacy class, we had a project to write like a newspaper about any topics that is gender equity based. My topics was about the effectiveness of makeup on young teenager.


Imagine this, If you were the person who wore make up everyday, it doesn’t matter thick or thin, someone asks you why do you have to wear makeup everyday? How would you answer this? Some people said  that they wear it to feel confident but the real reason is they feel less confident without makeup.

Liking yourself and being  happy are good, makeup is just an add on. People who routinely wearing makeup everyday are often less confident. Makeup is like a mask that hides the real you.  Soon putting makeup on will become part of your daily life. The confident you have in yourself will soon diminished.

Dear young teenagers, I know you want to be beautiful; however, sometimes we have to accepted the fact that everyone is beautiful in the way they are. Learn to love yourself, if you don’t love yourself, who will? Please take a look in the mirror every morning and your will realize how beautiful your face is without it. According to an article they stated, “But really, we’re all beautiful to someone and makeup can just be the icing on an already okay cake.”

You might think that makeup is a way to look more attractive but actually you not. Some men don’t expect their girlfriends to wear makeup, nowadays what you look like makes people love you just the way you are, Not that mask that you are wearing everyday, girls.

Do you ever want to wear makeup as soon as possible just like a grown up women’s? Again, please take a look in the mirror and look at your face; tell yourself everyday how beautiful you are and realize how much your face shines by itself. You don’t need makeup to be happy and to start your day. You may be tired of wearing makeups early and spent most of your morning just to look beautiful. But, what you natural look now is what older generations are trying to get back later in their life.

Christmas break reading book “NEVER FALL DOWN”

Over the Christmas break, I had read a book called “NEVER FALL DOWN” by Patricia McCormick. I diced to read this book because it’s a big thing that had effect Cambodian and also I can gain more knowledge about Khmer Rouge. This book It’s about the life of Arn Chorn-Pond, How he survives Khmer Rouge and how he gets to go to America. Here is where he started in April 1975, everywhere in Battambang was full of music and happiness. Every day he lives with his aunt, brother, and sister. At that time school was limited only rich kids can go to school and poor kids they go to learn and stay at the pagoda. Arn not only stays and learn at the pagoda, he even gamble with the elders so that he can earn money to buy something for his family. Then one day the Khmer Rouge soldiers had arrived in his hometown and everyone have to leave everything they own and go to work in a field. Arn’s life has changed forever. During the Khmer Rouge regime, everyone got separated and they have to do what Anrka said if they don’t they will die. Many many Cambodians had died or killed because of starving, dengue fever, stealing food or even the Khmer Rouge think that you not good to keep.

He a change agent to me, he been through Khmer Rouge as a kid and then he had to leave his country to the United state because he got adapted by a kind man at Thailand Camp. At the United state had to learn English, go to church and speak about what happened to Cambodia to these American. His life has never been easy after Khmer Rouge. He even got bullied during school and about what he did. Now Arn lives in Cambodia and he helps to spread awareness of the Khmer traditional instrument and he also created an organization called “The Khmer Magic Music Bus”. There is more about what happened to Arn during and after the Khmer Rouge. I suggest you read this book it’s very inspiring even he went through bad things in life he still has the courage to helps others that he know or meet.

Adjective Sort

Sort the adjectives from page two into the boxes. Then, think of AT LEAST SIX adjectives for each box that are not on the list. You may work with a friend for the first part, but not the second.




a lot







Word Maze 2 – Angela Bracelet

Angela stopped looking at her bracelet to admire the ocean. Her grandmother had given it to (improve, opinion, her), and it was very special. Then (Angela, religion, scare) slipped off her shoes to enjoy(strongly, huge, a) barefoot walk along the beach.

A (woman, communicate, reason) in a boat passed by. She (waved, easy, wildly), and Angela waved back. Then she (comfort, stared, introduce) down at her arm in shock. (Crying, Punishment, Granny’s)bracelet was gone!

Angela returned to (her, plan, butter) family and told them about her (bracelet, relaxed, throw) disaster. They burst into action. Grandpa (used, lie, salt) his metal detector. He couldn’t find (ran, neck, the) bracelet.

Angela’s brother Johnny followed his (inside, fought, sister’s) footprints along the beach. He too(determined, dirty,hoped) to discover her bracelet, but he (never, light, reflect) saw it.

Mom carefully sifted the (girl, sand, wooden) where Angela had been sitting. She (searched, street, leg)and searched. She couldn’t find the (happy, bracelet, small), either.

It was time to go (home, skin, agree). Angela blinked back tears. She picked (up, told, dress) her shoe. Out fell the bracelet!

I got one wrong in this word maze.