Balanced chemical equation

On the 14th December, me and Samnang Hor taught a junior STEM class about balancing chemical equation. So we come up with some fun activities for them to practice like using the simulation and also Kahoot. We start off by trying to understand what they have learned than explain them why do we need to balanced chemical equation. We need to balance the chemical equation because the mass of the atom can’t be created nor destroyed according to the law of conservation of mass.

+  The plus symbol connects the first substances and the final substance. (seperate two reactants or products)

→  Identify the chemical reactions into products. Or chemical change or produce.

Reactants are the starting materials in chemical reaction. The substance that go through changes during the reaction. The substances on the left side of the arrow are called reactants.

The substances on the right side of the arrow are called products.

Can’t write # 1 as the coefficients but just put a blank there. Example: O2
Balancing chemical equation

Link to the presentation :

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